Nedz the number one choice for hoof health

Farriers and vets are reporting unprecedented numbers of equine hoof abscesses this year, meaning choosing the right bedding for your horse’s stable has never been more important.

Wiltshire based Farrier Andrew Dean DipWCF explains; “The surface your horse is standing on in the field and the stable is incredibly important in relation to hoof health; standing in muddy paddocks or on soiled, ammonia soaked bedding can increase the risk of bacterial or fungal infections such as thrush or pus in the foot.

“Ensuring the bedding in your stable is clean, dry and hygienic can help prevent the hoof from becoming soft and more susceptible to infection or puncture.”

With horse health in mind, Nedz chopped straw bedding has been developed to provide all the comfort and benefits of a traditional straw bed, combined with some modern additions to ensure optimum hoof health and general wellbeing – not to mention exceptional absorbency.

As well as being sterilised and dust extracted, Nedz OriginalandNedz Proare treated with Natural Nedz, which could provide welcome protection in the fight against hoof troubles. Natural Nedz contains an organic blend of manuka honey, aloe vera, cade oil and silver to provide unrivalled protection for hooves in stabled horses. This unique formula provides anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties to offer a truly smart bedding choice and a helping hand in keeping unwanted hoof abscesses, thrush and vet bills at bay.