Nedz a sterling choice for stable hygiene

Nedz offers enhanced hygiene and cleanliness for stabled horses, thanks to the addition of silver to its chopped straw products – a unique element to Nedz. Silver is widely renowned for its powerful antibacterial properties, making Nedz a smarter choice than ever for horse owners.   

Silver has been recognised for its health benefits for centuries - it was even used to treat wounded soldiers because of its ability to help prevent disease by inhibiting bacterial growth. Today the use of silver is growing in popularity, and the element has become commonplace in the veterinary and medical worlds in creams, sprays and wound dressings. The addition to Nedz bedding is an important one, helping to protect horses from infection and illness - in stark contrast to traditional and untreated bedding types, which can provide a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

The idea for using Silver in Nedz originally came from the collaboration with Forest Farmacy who provide Nedz with their unique Natural Nedz treatment. Always keen to develop and improve the product Nedz researched into the benefits of Silver and realised it could be a great addition to their bedding, helping to make their straw even cleaner and hygienic for all equines.

Nedz Original and Nedz Pro both benefit from being sterilised and dust extracted, which already gives horses a head start in maintaining respiratory health and promoting wellbeing. Each product is treated with Natural Nedz, which contains an organic blend of manuka honey, aloe vera, cade oil and now silver to provide unrivalled protection. This unique formula collectively provides anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties – a comprehensive approach to maintaining good health in stabled horses.  

Nedz products offer easy to muck out, cost effective beds with exceptional hygiene. These combined benefits ensure Nedz is a comfortable choice for both horse and owner.