Mr P is ready for action!

Steph gives us the lowdown on her past month and we are so happy to hear that Mr P is ready to start his walk work! "Me and Mr Hyde did two tests at the regionals at Somerford and despite being a little spooky and tense he did nothing wrong, we didn’t disgrace ourselves and I was very impressed," Steph tells us. "We are off to Beaver Hall tomorrow to do a couple of Medium and Advanced medium tests, fingers crossed we are heading in the right direction!"

"Mr P has now got the all clear to start walking and with Simon virtually back in action and able to put his foot in the stirrup again I am going to get on him for the first time this weekend then it will be a very slow and sensible build up over the winter!"

"The foal George is about to be weaned and have his bits off – he is a bit of ‘a one’ and life is too short to keep him entire! Captain Mac is doing really well with his rider Nicky and she is also riding Bridie, the new mare, who was dragged out of the field and started a few weeks ago. So far she is very good, she has been lunged, long reined and is now being ridden and hacked out in walk and trot, she has taken to it without bother and has even been over trotting poles! Nicky has been brilliant with them, to be honest I hate riding youngsters – I am not patient enough and end up stressing them as I get frustrated when they don’t react as quickly as a more established horse! We will need to sell one of them which will be hard as both have amazing potential. The next challenge is to qualify Clyde for the winter regionals – we will keep you posted!"