Mr P is back in work & Steph picked to judge BRC Quadrille with Martin Clunes!

This month there has been lots going on in the Croxford household! We chat to Steph to get the latest news. "Mr Hyde went well at Beaver Hall and won both of his tests which got us some more points," she tells us. "Then we went to Fieldhouse where we discovered cross country fences down the side of the arena - Clyde was so tense I had to retire from the first test, however he managed to get 69% in the Advanced Medium 98, close behind Peter Storr, who was there with his horse that he was taking to the Nationals, so it was encouraging that we are on the right tracks!"

"Last week we did a photoshoot with Your Horse which was good fun - look out for that in a future issue. We have also been asked to judge the Riding Club Quadrille at Aintree for the BHS, then the finals will be at Olympia where I will get to judge alongside Martin Clunes - I am very excited to be working with Doc Martin!"

"Mr P is coming back in to work nicely and is now doing trot work, the two old men are out together - Simon and Rimmer that is! I sat on Mr P the other day and he felt like a body builder in comparison to Mr Hyde, all those years of training have established so much muscle power! We will be upping the work a bit more soon, I am looking forward to getting him back in to action!"

"Annabel has now started school which she loves, Ben is missing her though - I didn't realise how much they entertained eachother! Annabel comes home and says, 'I missed you a little bit,' to Ben, and said she missed playing Babies and Bridges! When questioned what this is she said Ben is the baby and I am the bridge, Ben has to climb over the me!"

"It is all change with the baby horses too! Ancy (George the foal's mum) is now getting fit again, Bridie has gone back to Ian Smith because she was a little too small for us, so in her place we have the half brother of Mac, called Barney, so far he seems like a nice chap! Mac has just been sold to the girl who was riding him for us, she fell in love with him and said he is her 'one in a million' so we are very pleased with that outcome!"

Look out next month for the next update from Steph and her team!