Mr P back at the Nationals!

It was fabulous to see Mr P and Steph back at the National Dressage Championships this month even though things didn't go exactly to plan!

"We were so rusty in the Grand Prix that we made lots of mistakes, including in my one time changes," Steph tells us. "Which we have never done! I got to about my sixth one and Rimmer saw something in the crowd and missed one and then I lost count and just did as many as I could fit in the diagonal! He also forgot to Piaffe early on in the test! But we didn't disgrace oursellves totally and still scored over 65% despite the errors! I had already decided that I wouldn't compete in the music test because I was doing the demo with Richard Davison in the main arena on the Sunday and that was great fun. We got to perform to Fatboy Slim and the crowds were brilliant! It was a packed audience and we redeemed ourselves from the howlers of the day before and got everything correct! I had always said if I got to the Nationals again I would do that music so it felt great to be there! We are aiming for the High Profile Show at Vale View in November now so will probably go out and keep him ticking over between now and then."

"Clyde went to Vale View recently and it was the first time we have done two Advanced Medium tests and got all our changes, scoring over 68% and 69% so he is now qualified for the regionals at this level. Tomorrow we are going to Beaver Hall to do an Advanced Medium and a PYO PSG test and the youngster Freddie is coming along for a wander about afterwards to get him used to going out. My next aim is to get Clyde's PSG music floorplan together so watch this space!"