Mr Hyde shocks Steph at the Regionals

We were very excited to chat to Steph this month after she and Mr Hyde had a very positive outing to the regionals. Read this month's blog to find out how it went...

"Preparations didn't go quite to plan for the regionals," Steph admits. "I had a lesson with Richard (Davison) on the Friday prior to the show and luckily went through my music with him and realised I was just pootling and getting very behind! Then I took Clyde to Vale View on the Sunday and although he was a bit spooky he wasn't bad, however the judge's comments confused me! They said that he was losing rhythm in the canter and was looking a bit staccato, which I didn't really understand as I thought his canter was feeling very nice and controlled. I did panic slightly with just four days to go until I did three tests at the regionals but having spoken to Richard he told me not to worry and so I tried to stay positive!"

"As we were doing three tests, the Advanced Medium, Advanced Medium Music and PSG Music, I treated the first one as an arena walk with trot and canter in between! How I did my walk pirouettes I do not know but we did manage to execute everything, I don't think you could call it relaxed though! I spent the whole warm up trying to dodge other horses so it wasn't the best preparation but he still managed to score 64% and come 6th!"

"The next test was the Advanced Medium music and I learnt my lesson in regard to the warm up from the previous day and took him into the outdoor arena and he was much better, he was a bit wild with his changes so I just thought I would go in there and ride as I always so and if he decided to join me it would be a bonus! Luckily he did and we scored 70% - the scores were very tight at the top with the winner on 72% and second and third on just over 70% so I am really hoping I may get a wild card for the nationals in this class!"

"Then it was third time lucky with the PSG Music class and I even managed to warm up in the indoor arena this time where he stayed nice and relaxed. We got all our music spot on and got an 8 for our final centre line which involved me going from extended canter to a halt - I think the judge was probably praying that we would stop in time - which we did! We scored 68.63% and shockingly won the class, beating lots of high profile riders, including Rebecca Hughes! So we are off to the Nationals now in April which will be very exciting!"

"Then it was back down to earth with a bump a few days later with a trip to Barleyfields to do an unaffiliated prelim and novice with Freddie! Having only been in a warm up once before he was a little naughty, and found horses coming towards him utterly terrifying and his reaction was to try and climb out of the arena! We had a few flying bucks and a few airs above the ground but once we went into the arena, barring a few little mistakes, he was very good! He scored 72% and 73% so we were very pleased with him!"

"The next outing is with Mr P to Myerscough to do a Grand Prix, he is definitely feeling up for it and ready to get out!"