Mary's season concludes with sadness and disappointment

The end of the season has not gone to plan for Mary King this year, she brings us up to speed on all the goings on. 

"We went off to Weston Park, I was playing groom as Emily was taking Apache Sauce for his last event. She was due to be taking Mr Hi Ho as well but he trod on a stone in front of our very eyes and got a nasty bruised sole so he was withdrawn a few days before the event. Caffrey was such a good boy, doing a lovely dressage test and went into the cross country phase right up there in the lineup. Sadly though, between fences two and three on the cross country course he suddenly went very lame due to rupturing his tendon, it was decided that the only option was to have him put to sleep. He was such a dear old man and it was such a shock for poor Emily, coming back to the yard without him was devastating and we really miss his big white face in the stables. Jodie Rourke, my head girl, absolutely adored him and said to us just before we left 'look after Caffrey' so for her especially it was heartbreaking. It was due to be his last event and we were wondering how he would be in retirement as he is such a quirky chap."

"I then went straight off to Le Lion in France to do the 6 year old championships with Chubby, and it rained, and rained, and rained! We did our dressage on the second day and poor Chubby could hardly canter in the mud it was so deep. I thought to myself that I didn't really want to run him cross country in those conditions and was trying to decide how I would break it to the owners who had travelled across especially, however fate took control and sadly the event decided to cancel, so Chubby is now at home, very happy, in the field on his holidays!"

"So I returned from Le Lion a little earlier than expected but we made a quick turnaround and it was straight off to Pau with Kings Temptress and Imperial Cavalier. Both of them were on really good form and I was excited about actually getting to compete! Both of them did good dressage tests, in fact Archie did his best ever, breaking the 40 barrier with a score of 39 - even better than his Olympic test. I set off first on Tess cross country and she was a very naughty girl! I am the first to blame myself and I do to a point because at Burghley she had a run out, which was because I rode poorly into it and I didn't think to take her schooling to practice between events, but she remembered that it was easy to run out to the right so after that there was little point in continuing. I set off with Archie and was having a lovely round, he jumped some of the tricky combinations really well and we came to an easy fence which he jumped beautifully but on landing he suddenly knuckled and fell over, skidding along on his side - and that was the end of that! Luckily both he and I were absolutely fine and both horses are now back sound and healthy on their winter holidays."

"While the horses are all on their holidays, it is no such luck for me! I have a lot of engagements over the next few months, I am doing lots of lecture demos, including one at Your Horse Live, I am also going to Australia to do a demonstration at a big show out there, Equitana, and also to Colorado Springs for the US Eventing Convention. David my husband is coming with me to the US and we are going to spend a couple of days skiing in Vail before the convention then drive down the Californian highway before returning to England just in time for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year and Olympia! Before you know it the horses will be back in and getting fit and ready for the 2013 season!"

"This year has had ups and downs, obviously the Olympics were so exciting, however there has been a lot of disappointments, with so many events being cancelled because of the weather and a disappointing end - I can't wait for next season now!"