Mary's gets her third fall out of the way


We caught up with Mary King as she was on route to Gatcombe with MHS King Joules and Cavalier Venture to do the Intermediate Championships…

“Leading up to Barbury Emily rode my young horses at Nutwell as I was still under the 21 day ban following my fall at Salperton with Kings Temptress! She rode them brilliantly and had a win with Chubby (Cavalier Venture) and and a third with the 5 year old (Lottie) Kings Choice. That evening I saw specialist to give me the all clear to ride, so the ban was lifted and I was allowed to ride at Barbury. Unfortunately it didn’t quite go to plan. Archie (Imperial Cavalier) did a wonderful dressage test and a clear show jumping and I thought we would just happily go round the cross country as it was our first time running since Badminton. Sadly, we tripped over a small wooden hippo on the way out of the water complex and Archie ended up falling heavily on his shoulder. He initially was very lame and very frighteningly they put up the screens around him, but a few minutes later he was fine and Archie pranced out to show everyone that he was alright! He was sore in his shoulder for a few days but we x-rayed about 5 days later and he was completely sound.”

“I then took Tess (Kings Temptress) and Archie to Aston Le Walls where I intended to just do dressage and show jumping. While I was there the team vet Liz Brown checked them both. She was very happy with Archie after his fall at Barbury but just scanned his two front legs and to our horror she found a little grey area on the opposite leg to his injury. She then scanned Tess who was equally fit and well after her fall at Salperton, and to our shock she had the same grey area in the opposite leg to the one she injured previously. It is very frustrating and disappointing but luckily we have caught them early before they have caused significant damage. So for the first time in years I have no ride at Burghley or in the British Open. Archie has gone back to his owners and we will discuss his future later this year to decide whether he will do a final Badminton next year before he retires – he is 17 next year but still feeling very supple and flexible – not at all like an old horse. Tess has gone straight up to be AI’d and in 8 days time we will see if we have got one or maybe two embryos! Fingers crossed!”

“Last weekend we went to Wilton Horse Trials and I rode MHS King Joules in the Open Intermediate where he was 5th. I also rode Kings Choice in her first Novice. She did a good dressage test and show jumping round but then about a third of the way round the course I had another fall! She went a little green over a palisade with a ditch and on landing she cheekily went one way and gravity took control and I came of – it was a little embarrassing! All I could think of as I hit the ground was 'thank goodness that is the third one out of the way'! I did get back on and finish because a young horse can dwell on an incident like that so it is important to finish confidently. “

“Emily is going really well, she won her junior trial at Barbury on Brookleigh, then won the Novice at Dauntsey on Walitze F Vejgard, and then had another win with her in the Open Novice at Wilton. She has her final trial at Aston next week where she has four running; this will be where they select the team for the Junior Europeans that are in France this September!”