Mary tells us about her best year so far!

It is now the end of the eventing season and what a year it has been for our sponsored rider, Mary King. We catch up with her to see how the final event of the season, Pau, went, although we obviously already knew about her wonderful achievement - it was great to hear it from the horses mouth!

"Off we went to Pau with Imperial Cavalier and Apache Sauce - I went knowing that I had to come 8th or higher to keep the HSBC FEI Classics title so it was a very exciting time," Mary tells us. "Pau attracted twice as many entries as it has in previous years so it was a hot competition. I have to admit - it didn't get off to a great start as Imperial Cavalier was very full of himself and distracted. There was a racecourse by the warm up and he couldn't quite get his head around watching the racehorses doing their exercise. So Imperial Cavalier didn't do a great dressage and was lying 16th, however Apache Sauce did a really good test for him and was in the top 10 going in to cross country day."

"Cross country day came round and once again I didn't get off to the best of starts," Mary explains. "First out was Apache Sauce but he had a run out at fence 4 which was a corner - he has never had a run out in his life but he was a bit distracted by the collecting ring and we missed our line, so I retired him as it wasn't worth going round the whole course after that. Imperial Cavalier however made up for it and did a fantastic clear round inside the time and I managed to climb from 16th to 10th before the show jumping - it still wouldn't have been enough if I had finished in that position to keep the title so was a bit nailbiting!"

"The showjumping caused so much trouble," Mary goes on to say. "It was a big course with some very tight turns and the surface was not great - it was quite firm and a lot of horses weren't jumping well on it. Imperial Cavalier jumped a fantastic clear round though - he went beautifully - and was one of only 5 to do so. That pulled us up to 4th place and as soon as I knew that I had secured the title I was very happy for William (Fox-Pitt) to go and win. It was also lovely for Imperial Cavalier to go so well having had our little tumble at the Europeans - now I am starting to get excited for London 2012!"

"Winning the title of HSBC FEI Classics is ever so exciting," Mary says. "I won the great prize of around £93,000 - which is fantastic! I am hoping to use the winnings to put towards a new horsebox as it is such a vital part of my business, but we will see! Now some of the horses will go back to their owners for their holidays, and for the next few months I aim to not ride at all and give myself and the horses a complete break. My time soon gets filled up though by doing talks, lecture demos and teaching - I am also going on holiday with my husband for some winter sun!"

"Looking back over this year it has definitely been my best one to date," Mary divulges. "I have never completed five 4 star events in one year and been highly placed at all of them - I feel fantastically fortunate but just hope I haven't used up all my luck before next year!"