Mary talks Glastonbury and holidays!

Mary talks Glastonbury and holidays in her latest blog…

“I have just spent the weekend at Glastonbury instead of Aachen! It was really good – I took the horsebox glamping as we are friends with one of the sponsors and managed to pitch up next to Mick Jagger’s Teepee! The Rolling Stones were fantastic and we got quite close to the front. I was really impressed with the whole thing as I didn’t hear a cross word for the whole time I was there – everyone was happy, chilled out and polite!”

“I was however very much thinking of Aachen where I should have been riding. I was giving Kings Temptress a little warm up run in the Open Intermediate at Salperton to prepare her for Barbury and got to the second to last fence where she tumbled and I got catapulted off face first into the ground – I had some impressive black eyes but no broken bones luckily! I was knocked out for about 5 minutes, which meant I unfortunately had to be stood down from competition for 21 days. You can get it shortened if you pass certain tests so hopefully I will be reinstated so I can go to Barbury this weekend where I have Imperial Cavalier, and Kings Temptress entered in the CIC*** and MHS King Joules in the CIC**. Emily is riding three in the Junior Trial so we are going up with 6 for the weekend.”

“It has been quite handy to have Emily as a second rider – she rode Kings Choice at Stonar and got on really well and will be riding Kings Choice and MHS King Joules at Nutwell for me. Then hopefully it is Barbury, Dauntsey with the young horse and Aston Le Walls with a bunch of the older horses.”

“I am a little embarrassed to say I am also going on another little holiday after Barbury! Freddie didn’t get to come on the trip to Spain we took a few weeks ago so we are going to on a Gullet in Turkey. This is basically a sailing boat with lots of toys attached, fishing kit, snorkeling gear, etc, so 12 of us are going. I feel a bit guilty going away but all the horses will have been eventing so it is a good time for them and I to have a break in preparation for Gatcombe’s British Open.”