Mary King is sad to see the end to the eventing season!

 Mary King's season comes to and end and she keeps us informed of her plans for the coming winter...

"It is always sad when the event season comes to an end, but lovely to finish with fit sound horses who have progressed well through the year. Most owners like to keep their horses with us for their winter holidays. They are turned out in twos or threes, with their shoes removed, and stay out day and night. It is lovely for them to completely relax, and get hairy, muddy and fat! They just have some Baileys Balancer each day while the grass is still plentiful!

Emma and Lauren have left for the year now. Emma will start again in January when the horses come back into work, but sadly Lauren is moving yards as she is keen to ride more and compete herself. We will really miss her as she has been a brilliant part of our team and will be hard to replace.

I am really enjoying having time to do more work with my 3 homebred 4 year olds (Billy, Bobby and Joey). I've done as much as I can without them being shod, but they have now had their first set of shoes on and are looking very grown up! I also have a homebred 3 year old, Rosie, who is another embryo transfer foal (like the 4 year olds) who I have just started breaking in. I am off teaching in Scotland for 2 days and then straight out to teach in America for 6 days mid November so plan to progress well with the babies before then!

My new book has been selling very well; I plan to do book signings at Your Horse Live in November and at the South West Equine Fair in December, plus a number of other signings.

I went out to Ireland to help with the Holmstead Saddlery opening, and made the most of being out there. David came with me and we traveled around Ireland looking for stars of the future, as both Emily and I have owners who are wanting to buy young horses. It was disappointing not finding THE one, so many of the Irish horses now have very continental breeding lines. I still prefer a horse with plenty of thoroughbred blood (ideally 75% TB or more), but many horses we saw were less the half TB.

Emily is off to work for Ben Maher this winter, she is constantly wanting to improve which is great, as eventing is becoming increasingly professional, to get to the top you have to be trying to improve each phase individually!"