Mary King gets creative with her training!

We caught up with Mary King to see how her February has panned out, and to hear how the pre-season preparations are going. We love that Mary advocates using a bit of imagination in her training - we've all done that from time to time! Find out what's new with Mary, and how the weather has been a factor ...


"The horses are going well and are up to speed in terms of their fitness and training, the only thing we haven't managed to do is cross country schooling because at the point when we would have got them out to do that, the rain came and everywhere closed! Having said that, we are going to go to Pontispool all weather which is better than nothing."

"It isn't a major problem, as all the horses are doing a lower level than their ability to start with so they should be capable - we have been down to the river with them and trained a little locally using our imagination as well! They all started doing their gallop work in the second week of February, and that is part of their routine now, every third or fourth day they do fast work broken up with schooling and hacking. We have also been out to a few British Showjumping competitions and up to Ferdi Eilberg for a polish up on the dressage."


"The plan is to do Moreton, Tweseldown and then Aldon where Kings Temptress and Brookleigh will do their first events. The 5 year olds are all ready to go cross country schooling as well!"

"We are really looking forward to our first event and hoping that the forecast is wrong and it won't have to be cancelled! Fingers crossed!"