Mary King - Finishing the season

Mary King gives us an update on rounding up the season with her boys who are now having a break before thinking about the aims for next year.

"I decided, because of being away for a couple of weeks now (off to Lingniere CCI** in France with Em and Cooley Currency the week after Itlay) to end the season with Billy, Bobby and Joey - so they are now on a well deserved holiday. Billy and Bobby have now upgraded to Intermediate level, and Joey is not far off."

"Considering that they have had rather a staggered season because of my neck trouble, they have progressed well. At the last few events with them - West Wilts, Bicton and Treborough they had some good placings, and are feeling pretty established at Novice level. There is lots to look forward to next year with them - progressing and getting them established at intermediate level, aiming for a CCI* in the spring, running them in some CIC** events, and possibly aiming for a CCI** at the end of the year." 
"Em and I have covered many miles over the last few weeks trying to find good young horses for owners. We have done 3 German trips, and have found a 5 and a 6 yr old, plus another lovely horse, but sadly it failed the vet. We still need to find a couple more for other owners, so will keep looking." "
"We took Patrick Beresford's Charlemagne out to a jumping show in Belguim, he has got to 3 star level eventing, but is too careful, and as he is such a great jumping horse we feel it is best to try to sell him as a show jumper. Agents saw him jump well in Belguim, and we have had some interest, hopefully it will lead to the right person buying him." 
"Dear Tess produced an embryo by Cevin Z, so Kizzy (this year's foal, who is now turning grey) will have a full brother or sister next year.  Zara's 3 recipients mares, who are carrying her offspring, have scanned in foal. I will bring them home after their 60 day scan. We are trying for one more embryo with Zara, with Jaguar Mail semen."
billy mary