Mary King eyes Badminton!

Now that the 2015 season is open for business, we caught up with Mary King to hear how her first few events have gone so far, what she's looking forward to next, and what she's got her fingers tightly crossed for! We'll give you a cue ... It begins with 'B'!

"It was lovely to get out eventing again and our first competition was Moreton Horse Trials where I took Kings Choice and King Dan. They were both very good and Kings Choice did a lovely double clear."

"The next stop soon after was Tweseldown where both Kings Choice and King Dan were competing again. This time I made some adjustments to both of their bits and had a lot more control."


"The next event was Aldon Horse Trials where Kings Choice did another good dressage test in the Intermediate Novice and as she felt settled at the previous two events I pushed her a little more on the cross country and came 5th. To me the placings are not that important at this stage as we are preparing for the rest of the season. Having said that, it is always nice to win an event! The most exciting part of Aldon was being back out competing on Kings Temptress! Having had a year and a half off she felt lovely and really enjoyed competing. She did a lovely dressage and good double clear but I didn't hurry her cross country. She has now been entered for Badminton and despite us currently being on the waitlist I am hopeful we will get in. Even though she is very experienced, Badminton's policy is to go on the horses FEI points over the past two years, and having been off since 2013 she doesn't have very many! However there are only 14 horses on the waitlist and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will get in."

"We have some of the bigger events coming up now, Burnham Market where Kings Temptress will do the Advanced and then Belton where I will decide whether to run competitively depending on the circumstances and how she goes at Burnham Market. These will be her last runs before Badminton."

"The three five year old homebreds, Billy, Bobby and Joey, are all coming on leaps and bounds. Each time we take them out they are advancing and I hope to get them out eventing at the end of April."

"Emily has had a really good start to the season with a win at Tweseldown and then a win and a third place in the Young Rider Trial at Aldon. This was the first trial of the season in order for the selectors to choose the team for the European Championships at the end of the year. Fingers crossed!"