Lucy Straker wishes you a wonderful Christmas!

We caught up with Nedz sponsored rider,  Lucy Straker to find out her highs and lows from 2014...

"Well I can't believe another year is nearly over already! It has flown by and so many good things have happened amongst a few down bits, but I guess that is horses for you!! This year was sad when I had to retire my Grand Prix crazy ginger but he is happily playing like a swamp monster everyday in his field and is loving life and still top dog!! The yard is full to brimming with liveries and I have bought 2 new horses this year too!"

"DG my four year old is just awesome but keeps growing so we are taking our time with him and Elmo, my new 7 year old is proving to be a yard favourite now as we just love him!! Alfie is turning into a Grand Prix boy which is so exciting and makes all the hard work worth it! Roll on 2015!"

"A huge thank you to Nedz for their continued support, their bedding is just the best and my boys performances reflect this! I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us.........Merry Christmas everyone!"