Lucy Straker - Training for perfection

It has be train, train and train some more the last month ready to kick start our season properly in April!

Both horses are going good, improving all the time and Alfie is getting stronger by the day in all his Grand Prix work! It has been nice to work on the few things that have dropped our marks in our Grand Prix tests and get them nailed at home! Everyday is a school day that is for sure!
Freda Has been busy working on her flying changes as I have decided to skip Medium level with her and push her on up the Advanced Medium as she much prefers the flying changes than the stopping and starting in the Medium tests which she just loses her patience with!!! She loves her changes so in April we should be ready for our Advanced Medium debut!!! Exciting times!
I am busy teaching lots which is just so satisfying seeing everyone improve so much! I shall keep you all posted on our progress and next few shows in our next blog and hopefully by then the sun may be shining and spring will have arrived!! 


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