Lucy Straker - Training and more training

Sponsored rider Lucy Straker has been spending her time over the last few weeks training hard with her two horses as well as getting out and about in the sunshine.

"Things are sooo busy at the moment here and it's so nice to actually have some proper sunshine!"

"Both my two four legged beasts are on fine form and we have been concentrating on training for the last month which has been really great to focus a bit on them both rather than racing off to shows!"

"It has really paid off too as Freda went out last week to have a pre regionals run and she scored a brilliant 71% in the test we shall be doing in 10 days at our regional championships so it's a big confidence boost for us both! I hope we can perform like that on the day!" 

"Alfie is on flying form at the moment and we are nearly ready to debut at Grand Prix which I am so excited about but also a little scared!!! I shall let you know when I do it!"

"I am teaching like crazy too at the moment which is so satisfying and then in 2 weeks I am finally taking a week off to go on our very delayed honeymoon!! Thanks a million to Nedz for their continued support!"