Lucy Straker rides the learning curve!

Lucy Straker's season is in full flow, and as well as successes there are loads of valuable lessons and milestones being chalked up every week. We caught up with her to find out what challenges she and her team have faced recently, and how these are going to help her in forthcoming competitions!

"Well the season has started off with a bang and it's getting very busy now! The yard is very busy and my boys are on top form."

"A week ago I took my rising 5 year old to his first very local outdoor competition and also his first proper attempt at a dressage test but only H/C as I can't compete at novice level which we did! He was a star; warmed up great once he settled a bit and stopped being a little over exuberant and actually breathed! When we went into the arena he didn't mind the scary white boards and achieved a lot of 8s when he was listening but a lot of 4s when he saw something in the distance which was clearly much more interesting to him and lost our power steering! On the whole a great learning curve for him and a solid 67% so I think he's going to be mega once he is focussed more."

"Last Friday was Alfie's big Winter National PSG freestyle Championships and I was a little nervous as to how he would behave in such an electric atmosphere at 9pm at night, but I really needn't have worried at all as he was a total pro and didn't let me down, in fact I think he rose to the occasion and came 6th with 69.8% with a couple of blips and I couldn't be prouder of him! The international foreign judge at C in fact had us 2nd with 74% so that has given us a massive confidence boost for the rest of the season!"


"Our next show is this weekend at Keysoe premier League so I shall let you know how we get on. I have been making some exciting competition plans for this season and I think in July we shall hopefully try and venture abroad to do our first overseas International, fingers crossed! Exciting times ahead!"

"Thank you Nedz for your continued support. I'm so happy that at all my stay away shows I know my boys will be on the best bedding!!"