Lucy Straker - Regional qualifiers

Winter training is in full swing here and the horses are going great!!! Freda had spent September and October hacking and doing fitness work up hill to try and improve her top line and strength and get her lifting her tummy muscles a bit and wow has it helped her!!!

So November came and we had a very small window to get my winter regional qualifying done and she took it in her stride gaining the points required in just 3 outings at a new level for her at medium! Her top mark was 72% with so much more to come and improve on! So excited with her! 


I also have been allowed to compete one of my livery's horses Grizzle over the winter as well and we have qualified for the regionals at Elementary level so we shall have a busy January preparing for it! 

Alfie is nearly ready to debut at Grand Prix I just need to get my brave pants on and do it!!! Hopefully January will be D Day and I actually can't wait and excited to have trained another up to this level!! Watch this space! Now the winter days are shorter they are loving spending time in their stables with their cosy Nedz beds!! Great bedding and so privileged to have Nedz support! Thank you!