Lucy Straker - Officially a Grand Prix horse!

Well Christmas and new year is officially out of the way and things have got so busy at Team Straker!! I am so proud to say that my precious Alfie is now officially a Grand Prix horse!!! We have scored at 64% and a 65% so far and although he is green and we are a little wobbly in it I'm so excited by his future!! We are going to have such a fun season and have everything crossed! 
Thank you so much to Nedz for my fab coat and keeping us looking smart!
My big bird is preparing busily for her Regional finals in a few weeks time so we are going to a competition at the weekend as a pre run out for her and coming along as well is Louise Brocks Grizzle as a pre run for us too for his Regional final!!
Very busy February ahead! To top it off too it's my birthday on the 19th so I'm trying to not think about the fact I'm a year nearer forty!!! I am very busy teaching too at the moment which I just love and seeing everyone improving is so rewarding!! I shall keep you all posted on how we get on at our regionals in my next blog....we have everything crossed!!!