Lucy Straker is back on top!

We caught up with newlywed Lucy Straker to hear how she is doing after her accident - but more excitingly, hear about her wedding day and news from the yard!

"Wow, the last few months seem to be a blur they have flown by so fast! Things are so busy at the yard and the team are working really hard and I'm so happy to be back working again full time, everyday I feel stronger and fitter after my accident. The yard is bursting at the seams as we had a new full livery arrive yesterday which has filled our last stable, so it's busy busy now!"

"I am riding again lots with help still from Olivia Oakeley who is just being so supportive! The boys are flying... Alfie is now able to do all the Grand Prix movements and has nailed his one time changes, which is so thrilling as I can't believe I have trained another Grand Prix horse from novice level! I can't wait till next season... My 5 yr old DG is going brilliantly, and I'm sitting on him a bit but being a little careful as I know he's safe to ride but I can't afford to fall off at the mo! Plus, he is only 5 so Olivia is riding him as well and he's happily learning flying changes and lateral work at the moment and proving really talented!! I hope both boys will be going out and competing in November!"


"In other news I got married on the 5th September and we had the most magical day with the sun shining and it was wonderful spending a whole day looking girly and not smelling of horses! It was wonderful having my entire support team sharing the day with us too! It is nice to be back in my breeches again now though!! I shall keep you posted on how are competitions go in November... I can't wait!"