Lucy Straker is back on board!

We were so excited to chat to Lucy Straker now that she is up and about after her accident. We've been itching to know how she has progressed, and especially her first time back on board a horse.

"Sorry for the delay in keeping you all updated with my blog but as you heard previously I have been a bit in the wars! Nine and a half weeks ago I was trampled by a young horse who was being a little cheeky about loading in the lorry... I unfortunately tripped as he pulled me sideways off the ramp and fell in front of him where the only place he could get away was over the top of me!!"

"His foot broke 5 of my ribs and my shoulder blade in 3 pieces and the ribs collapsed and buried themselves into my lung which didn't make breathing very easy! I was taken to Bath hospital but after they saw the extent of my injuries I was rushed to Bristol Royal where I had a massive operation to plate and rebuild my ribs and sort out my lung!"

"We have had a few complications on the way but following massive rehab physio and chiropractic work and after nearly 10 long weeks I climbed on board my black boy Alfie just to give him a stretch 3 days ago and that was a huge boost for me! Olivia oakley has been keeping him fit for me and working on his Grand Prix work so he felt amazing! Over the next few months between Olivia and me I shall continue to get my fitness up gently riding!! This was my first time sat back on board!"

Lucy S back on board

"The next 10 days for me is manic as I am getting married on the 5th Sept which is so exciting and made extra special now after our traumatic few months! I shall be bouncing down the aisle!! Such a relief. Anyway I shall keep you all posted on my progress!"