Lucy Straker - End of summer!

Wow this summer has flown by!! Can't believe it's September already as so much has been happening here!
Firstly my big bird has been sold to a fabulous home in Switzerland where she is having a lovely life teaching and giving confidence to another rider! Hawker my new boy has settled in brilliantly and I am starting to feel like we are starting to cement a partnership together and everyday he gets better and better! I have recently started having lessons with Michael Eilberg and it's really helping us gel....very simple exercises are producing positive results and improvements!! 
I hope to debut at Prix st George with him next month! 
Alfie is going great, I am busy training at home with him at the moment getting him stronger for all Grand Prix work and desperate to go to a competition with him but sadly there are just none about at the moment for him to do as very few places run GP classes.....I have found a couple in November so we shall train train train till then and then be ready for it even more! He's feeling so well and more secure in all his work at Grand Prix now! Very exciting! I know I'm bias but he's so gorgeous!! 
I shall keep you posted on our progress!!