Lucy Straker beats the lorry nerves!

We caught up with Lucy Straker for a quick whinge about the weather (it has been awful today!) but more importantly to hear how she is getting on five months after her accident, and how her horses are getting on now they are back in training!

"How rubbish is it that winter is on its way and the evenings are drawing in so quickly? Things on the yard are really busy and all the horses are so grateful to be spending a few more hours tucked up in their stables out of the wind and rain having the odd duvet day with their lovely thick Nedz beds!!"

"The boys are all good and well into winter training! I am getting stronger and am now having personal training sessions to really get that stamina and core stability back which will get us out fighting fully fit by 2016! So exactly 5 months to the day since my horrific trampling my sexy black beast and I ventured out in public for the very first time and it's been a massive confidence boost for me showing that I can still bloody do it and load a horse into the lorry without ending up in hospital!"

 Lucy S back on board

"We only went to a low key test riding day at Anna Ross's where we wobbled our way through Alfie's first attempt at Inter 2 inside the white boards and he did me proud and all Olivia Oakeleys help the last 4 months has got us to this point... After a bit of help from Anna we nailed our one time changes, passage found another gear and his piaffe was green but there!"

"To hear he's going to be great and she was judging us to international standard and we didn't disgrace our selves has left me feeling so much more positive and I have a potential international Grand Prix pony in the making... Love my boy! Goodbye rubbish 2015 and bring on 2016!! I shall keep you posted on our progress both 2 and 4 legged with our winter training!"