Lucy Straker - Aiming for Grand Prix

Things have been really busy here at Team Straker, the yard is at full capacity and everyone is on fine form! I am teaching a massive amount in between running the yard and in a couple of weeks I fly to Scotland to teach as well which I’m loving meeting new combinations!! 
My boys are going brilliantly at the moment, I have been training hard with Hawks and with the help of Carl Hester and my mentor from Switzerland who find me all my horses I think we have finally nailed his one time changes so the reality of getting out Grand Prix with him is getting nearer as soon as Carl gives us the nod we can go out in public!!! 
Noodle is being a star boy. He is now nearly qualified for the summer regional champs and the winter semi finals was a big learning experience for him which did slightly blow his brain but seems to have made him bolder and I know now how to handle him during those scary times where he needs his hand held! 
I’m so excited to see what the future brings with this boy but he does need to stop growing!! 
I shall keep you posted on how are season is going now the better weather is upon us!!