Lucy Straker - A long winter

Finally the snow has gone and it’s warming up but what a long winter it has been, soaking wet fields and bored horses! Thank god for their Nedz bedding though keeping them so cosy though some rough weather! 
We have been training so hard over the winter and my two boys are really benefitting from their strengthening work. Hawks has come on leaps and bound and is really finding his feet with the Grand Prix work, we have finally started to master one time changes so it won’t be long till he dips his toe in the big tour pond! He has successfully competed in two PSGs with good scores so I’m so excited to start the season with him now! 
This winter I have spent a lot of time doing polework with Alfie to get the strength over his back which I have really always struggled with and wow it’s made a difference, he’s stronger and his quality of work has greatly improved and I can’t wait to go to our first comp in a few weeks at Grand Prix! He’s feeling quite well at the moment so I think he will be very fresh and explosive to go out but he’s just needs to channel that exuberance into his piaffe!! 
It’s only 6 weeks now till the first premier league of the season and we really can’t wait!!
I shall keep you all posted!!