Lili Brooksby-Dalby joins the Nedz team

We are starting the new year with another new team member Lili Brooksby-Dalby

In this blog we learn a little about Lili. Lili has ridden horses since first being placed on one when she was two years old. She begged for a pony, and Gemma arrived when Lili was nine. Gemma, who napped, bucked and everything else in between taught Lili a lot. Gemma died at about 40 years of age, and Lili has never sold a horse.


Following a dressage dream, along came Kiki – a spritely KWPN - when Lili was 21. This was also the start of a long training relationship with Richard Davison, who she continues to train with. Having trained with Richard Davison for ten years, Lili also trains with Charlotte Dujardin. Lili’s first lesson with Charlotte was with Paddy.


Lili now owns and runs the online dressage shop as well as teaching and coaching and competing her own horses. She lives at home with her husband who she met at sixteen, their two sausages dogs, 4 rescue cats, three rabbits and the six horses.