Keeping Dry and Fresh with Nedz

With the last few weeks of terrible weather hitting the UK hard it can become frustrating for our equines to still be experiencing limited turnout and exercise. With increased stabling time can come rising costs in bedding, and the possibility of health conditions developing. By using Nedz horse owners can help to create a healthy environment for their animals and rest assured they are getting a comfortable night’s sleep.

Nedz combines the latest innovations and technological advances in bedding with the traditional benefits of straw, providing a soft, comfortable, hygienic and cosy bed – perfect for these kind of weather conditions. Nedz Original and Nedz Pro both offer chopped straw bedding that is exceptionally absorbent, supportive and dust-free, with the additional benefit of an exclusive treatment called Natural Nedz.

The design of Nedz and the added ingredients to the bedding means it offers a healthy stable environment especially for those horses who might suffer with conditions such as Thrush. Common in wintertime, it is often exacerbated by muddy fields and wet, urine-soaked bedding. Thrush can produce a highly unpleasant odour and discharge from the foot, which can in extreme cases, cause the softened tissue of the frog to rot away.

If your horse suffers with such conditions, it is important to ensure you keep the stable environment as clean and hygienic as possible. A high quality, absorbent bedding like Nedz is a must, as wet, ammonia saturated bedding not only causes moisture to permeate our equine’s hooves but also leads to increased levels of ammonia in the stable damaging the horn of the hoof and weakening the outer layer of the foot. 

The unique blend of Manuka and Cade Oil in Natural Nedz offers an organic addition to the bedding, which provides anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties. Nedz Original and Nedz Pro both also have added Silver which can help to limit moulds and fungi developing in the bedding and stable environment as well as bacteria and viruses.

In these weather conditions many owners find themselves adding extra bedding and taking out endless wet but Nedz super absorbency means this isn’t necessary. 

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