How your bedding can help your horse’s respiratory system

As we head towards the end of the winter and begin to look forward to the spring have you considered how your bedding can help to aid your horse’s respiratory system?

Being stabled for longer in the winter with limited or poor ventilation means there is an increased risk of developing respiratory problems and in some cases an intolerance to exercise, which can mean bringing your horse back into work after a winter break may have added difficulties.

Choosing the right bedding is key to being ready to start the season with a bang and having your horse healthy and ready to go.Nedz can provide a virtually dust-free, non toxic comfortable environment for your horse whilst also being ultra-absorbent. Nedz Pro is made from exceptionally absorbent rape straw to give a hygienic alternative to other bedding methods. This high absorbency reduces the risk of harmful ammonia, while dust, mould and spores are removed via the state of the art dust extraction process during manufacture.

Alongside being highly absorbent and dust free it is also covered in Natural Nedz a unique formula made exclusively by Forest Farmacy which offers healing and soothing benefits for your horse as well as being anti-bacterial and and anti-viral. Perfect for this time of the year when there are lots of illnesses floating about.

Used by top riders such as Mary and Emily King, Geoff Billington and Steph Croxford, Nedz offers your horse the quality they deserve. Geoff commented "Nedz Pro is a fantastic product - very absorbent and easy to use, it makes the stable environment clean and keeps dust to a minimum, which is vital for the respiratory function of my horses and so helps them to perform well at the top level."