Highs and lows at the regionals for Steph

We caught up with Steph after she took Mr Hyde to the Regional Championships at Myerscough to find out how it all went. "Clyde behaved really well," she tells us. "We did the arena walk the day before and our first test was the Advanced Medium 98. Both Simon and I were really pleased with him, he did everything that was asked of him, including all the changes and he wasn't silly - we were quietly confident, however it was disappointing to see that he only got 62.19% - the difference between two of the judges was 7%!"

"That knocked our confidence a bit," Steph admits, "but we picked ourselves up for the next day and did the Medium 75 and once again he was really good and tried hard and this time we were rewarded with a 65.32% and fifth place which we were really pleased with. Then last up we had our Advanced Music test, we were second to go in the class and he was very well behaved and we came away with a score of 69.32% which we were thrilled with! Because there was so many to go after me we decided to go home because the children needed to get back and later that day my friend called me to say that we had come 2nd! That means we have qualified for the Nationals, which is very exciting, so we will be aiming for them at Hartpury in April!"

"There is a chance that we will be doing a Grand Prix with Mr P next week at Myerscough Premier League," Steph tells us. "We are still debating, but he is feeling well and since starting the more complex movements it seems to have taken his mind off being naughty and jumping the five bar gate out of his coral! Hopefully we are going in the right direction so keep your fingers crossed for us."

Fingers and toes are firmly crossed Steph, keep an eye on the site for more updates coming soon!