Happy New Year from Steph Croxford

As we caught up with Steph she was fending off the storms with trees down in her neighbour’s fields, the roof of the children's play house in tatters and gates hanging off in between fields, however in her usual positive attitude she was happy because the roofs of the field shelters were still in tact!

"We had a lovely Christmas," she tells us. "Santa came and Annabel was very excited this year as she really understands what it is all about now! Just before the festive period we made a trip to Olympia where I was judging the British Riding Clubs Quadrille with Martin Clunes, it was great fun and Martin was lovely. It was so nice to be at Olympia and see some of the displays and not be rushing around like a headless chicken with the horses and we were looked after very well!"

"Mr P is now back in full work and I have started schooling him," Steph says. "He seems to be back on track and is feeling very well and cheeky! Since I started riding him again he knows he is back to being the most important and has since escaped in to his field and refused to be caught! It is different to riding Clyde as he feels like a little body builder having had the years of training and building up! Clyde gave me an early Christmas present when I was schooling him - we were doing two time changes and I just thought to myself, I wonder if he will give me a one-time change, I asked and he did it! Only one for the moment but I think there is a fair chance of getting more! We are going to aim to have a go at an Advanced class by the end of the year but for now we are focusing on the regionals in just over a month's time at Myerscough. Mr P will also hopefully be back at his first competition in March at the Myerscough Premier League and Ancy, the mare, is doing her first ever dressage test with her jockey Adam on 23rd January! She is taking everything in her stride and turning out to be very sweet."

"We are featured in this month's Your Horse magazine doing some training exercises (page 24 for anyone that has a copy) and we have also been asked to do some Dressage to music clinics for British Dressage so we are already keeping busy this year! Happy New Year to everyone!"