Give your horse the winning bed!

With the January blues beginning to come to an end, it is time to start looking ahead to the season and getting your horse back into ‘tip-top’ condition. This means hard work, dedication and of course having the best bedding to support your equines needs!

As your horse may have had a break over the winter, it is especially important that as they come back into work the bedding they have is supporting their rest and recuperation time. Due to the absorbency of Nedz Pro it only requires a full muck out once a week, in turn creating a sturdy, comfortable and supportive base for your horse, something that is often lacking with other bedding. In addition, the high absorbency of Nedz products means that ammonia levels are kept to a minimum helping lower the risk of bacterial infections in the hooves such as thrush.

Alongside the bed providing a supportive environment for muscles, joints and hooves, as your horse returns to work it is important that their respiratory system remains clear and healthy. Coming in from their winter break, horses can struggle to acclimatise being back indoors, with increased risk of inhaling dust and mould spores from their bedding. This exposure to dust can lead to inflammation of the airways, reduced air space and irritation of the sinuses, all of which will affect horses in work and their performance ability.

Nedz bedding is formulated to help support clear airways by combining the latest innovations and technological advances with top quality raw material. The carefully selected straw is treated with a totally organic formula; Natural Nedz. This provides antibacterial and antifungal properties thanks to the inclusion of Silver, Manuka and Cade Oil. The process of producing each and every bag of Nedz bedding then ensures any excess dust is extracted, so the stable environment for your competing equine will be in the best condition possible!

Nedz have a silver lining