Getting fit the Team King way

For many people the season is about to get into full swing especially if you enjoy the odd bit of Eventing. Mary and Emily King are kicking off their first set of events and so we caught up with them to see how they have been preparing.

"Our horses start work at the beginning of Jan and are ready to start eventing in March. We keep up their fitness work, doing fast work every third day, the in-between days we keep up the gradual training programme trying to steadily improve each horse." said Mary

"We do roadwork every day as part of their work as we feel it is important and then take them dressage training, go to show jumping competitions and go to cross-country schooling, to ensure they will be confident and happy at the events."

"We have many different exercises we use depending on each individual horses strengths and weakness. As a team we are looking forward to Aldon Horse Trials which is our more local early event which caters for all levels of horses.Sadly we are not riding at Badminton Horse Trials this year, as we always look forward to that but in general of course we are looking forward to them all!!"

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