Geoff's season starts in Spain

In between visits to Spain, we caught up with Geoff to find out how he has been getting on since the successful Champions Tour. "I have been in Spain for a week with five horses, and have left them there for a few days, and will be flying back there for another 4 weeks in a few days time," he tells us. "All the horses are going well, Rosinus is on good form and came 4th in the Small Grand Priz, and the new one - Apollo Star, who is very exciting - has jumped well every day. Quite Cadiz was 5th in one of the big classes one day and Balloon has jumped clear 2 days out of 3. Upper Cut is building up his fitness and getting better each day."

"On the way to Spain I filled up my trailer with Nedz Pro - we put 120 bales in there but overloaded it slightly and after having a blow out in France, then another one in Spain, I left it at a service station, drove 7 hours to drop the horses off, 7 hours back to the station to unload it in to the wagon, and then another 7 hours back! It wasn't the best moment of the trip, but at least you know you get value for money in the bales as they are packed so full!"

"Now we have 4 weeks in Spain before going on to Villamora in Portugal for another 4 weeks, which takes us up to the end of April. Rosinus is back on form and going well so we are hoping to be picked for some Nations Cup teams."