Geoff's 2013 starts with a bang!

Geoff hasn't had a standard start to 2013, but it has certainly been an exciting one as he tells us below...

"After 3 nights in Vegas with Dave Quigley, Oliver Townend, Rupert Webb and some Irish man that turned up the night before, the stag do was great," says Geoff. "But obviously the wedding was even better! We spent two weeks in Barbados with 78 other people - we couldn't have bettered it!"

"We came back a few weeks ago and I spent the weekend teaching and doing a lecture demo at Aberystwyth which was great, and then last weekend I went to Aintree with some of my new horses! I have three new additions to the team; I pinched one of Sarah's 7 year olds, called Ussara, then I also have a Grade A called Cruise Control who used to be ridden by Gemma Hartley and then I bought a new one called Elo, an 8 year old that I am really excited about! These three, and Upper Cut will be coming with me to Valencia in the middle of March before then going on to Vienna 3 weeks later."

We would like to wish Geoff the best of luck for the start of his season! Watch this space for more updates.