Geoff poses nude for charity calendar!

We can’t help but mention Geoff’s modelling debut! “I was asked to pose nude for a calendar called Riders Revealed,” he tells us. “The shoot was good fun although I think the photographer was a bit disappointed as he was told he was shooting a show jumper and had hoped for Ellen Whitaker!”


“Then we went to Anglesey where my son James won the Area Trial with Mrs Gredley’s team horse and I was equal 1st in the Grand Prix with Upper Cut. We also started Rosinus back jumping here and he jumped really well so we are gradually building him back up. Then we had two shows back to back in Auberge, France. In the first show Upper Cut was 4th in the first world ranking class and Rosinus jumped well. I then had 4 faults in the GP but James had just a time fault and got placed. At the 2nd show James was 4th in the first world ranking class and I was 7th then he won the Grand Prix and the Leading Rider Class, I was 10th – am sensing that I am being overtaken!! We have been at Scope all this week and will be jumping Upper Cut and Rosinus in the Grand Prix on Saturday night which is a national qualifier, fingers crossed! After that we will be getting ready for Arena UK on 20th September.”