Geoff Billington - Non Stop teaching!

We catch up with Nedz rider Geoff Billington who has been enjoying a non stop schedule of teaching across the country

With a busy month ahead Geoff is heading to Southview for three days before jumping on a plane to commentate in Germany.

He will then be coming back to head to the Wales and West Show which is one of the first big competitions for the season. Geoff will be heading along with three of his older horses to compete in the international classes.

It will then be back to Truro for some more teaching and then to Ireland to the Balmoral Show to compete. The Balmoral Show always proves to be a good competition which is great to compete in.

Geoff will be beginning to get the older horses back out to competitions over the next few weeks as the larger events begin to arrive on the calendar, however he is still excited about his younger horses and will be aiming to qualify them for their second rounds, especially his five-year-olds and six-year-olds.

After that it is back to some more teaching around the country from Scotland to Cornwall, Wales and Sheffield, you name it Geoff will be there!