Geoff Billington - Hitting the deck!

Geoff has been busy over the last few weeks competing around the country, but it hasn't always gone to plan.

"Well what have I been up to over the last few months ... hitting the deck a lot I would say!"

"We have actually had a little bit of a bad run recently and yes I do seem to have fallen off a fair amount. Something I would rather not being doing but I guess it sometimes comes with the job."

"Over the last few weeks we have been competing a lot and have been up and down the country and even to Germany, so little Alfie has got used to the travelling and can now cry in German!"

"We had quite a good time at Boelsworth where I came second with the kids in the mini major competition, dressed as Superman - that was fun to do and Sarah also won the Amateur Championship class, making me very proud."

"We headed to Scotland to compete at The Royal Highland were I had four down and then to Southview where I again had four down. It seemed to become a little bit of a habit!"

"We also competed at the Scottish Extravaganza and faired a bit better there with a 2nd in the Newcomers and 2nd in the Foxhunters. We are competing next week at Arena UK where we are taking seven horses between us - just to keep ourselves busy."

"Between competitions we have been doing a lot of teaching as well as some selling, but I am looking forward to getting the young horses out in the next few weeks."