Christina Jones

Christina has used conventional straw bales for several years now but found it difficult to store as well as having a mountain of a muck heap that took up a lot of room, looked unsightly and cost a fortune to have removed several times a year. On top of this she found using straw contributed to dust levels in the American Barn style stable block, took ages to muck out and smelt strongly!
After winning a competition to try Nedz Advance Christina was impressed with the product. “The bales are smaller in size, so are easier to handle and store, in fact I store them outside – meaning the stable I previously used to store straw is now put to a much better use. The appearance of the bedding is very different to any other that I have used – but was easy to lay and within a couple of days it had expanded to provide a very comfortable bed.”

“It is a miracle bedding as far as I’m concerned! It’s so easy to muck out and is super absorbent so there are no wet patches in the stable and the bedding doesn’t stick to the droppings so very little bedding ends up on the muck heap. During the week I remove the droppings only, which means I can muck out three big horses in under 15 minutes! The bedding is very stable and doesn’t move around the box so you don’t need as deep a bed as with shavings where the horses can dig a hole in the middle!

“Once a week I spend around 25 minutes on each stable digging out the very damp patches and filtering through the bedding to remove any haylage or small pieces of muck – then I add a new bale, rake the bed down and it looks good as new! Even when digging out the wet, there is no ammonia smell – which is much more pleasant for me and must be healthier for the horses. Dust levels are very low and the drier bed means the horses are happy to lie down and none of their rugs smell!”

“Not only does it save me huge amounts of time and is very cost effective my mother now wants to switch her horses on to it and my father is volunteering to help me muck out for the first time in 20 years! Sunday morning lie-ins whilst he does the horses are total bliss – thanks Dad and thanks Nedz Bed!”

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