Big bed benefits

Recent research hailing the benefits of larger and deeper bedding areas in stables has prompted horse owners to look at the benefits of deep bedding systems like Nedz Pro. shared findings from scientific studies which highlighted how larger and deeper beds encouraged horses to lay down more often and for longer periods. Whilst horses are known for their unusual habit of sleeping while standing up, laying down on a daily basis is really important for allowing deeper sleeps and complete rest. Without it, horses can become sleep deprived, which may in turn affect their behaviour and wellbeing.

Both Nedz and Nedz Pro was developed with your horse’s comfort in mind. Here are just a few reasons why Nedz can encourage laying behaviour in a healthy and hygienic environment:

  • All Nedz is made from chopped straw which creates a comfortable base for the horse to stand or lay down on; the findings showed that horses bedded on straw lie on their sides for three times as long as those on shavings.
  • Nedz Pro and Nedz Original combine the traditional cosy feel and appearance of a substantial straw bed, with modern day improvements such as dust extraction and sterilisation which makes them hygienic and kind to skin.
  • Nedz products are treated with the Natural Nedz formula – a blend which provides anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties.
  • The highly absorbent nature of Nedz means that, when used in the recommended quantities, they provide a clean, dry and comfortable base.
  • Nedz Pro – made from oil seed rape straw – works best when skipped out on a daily basis, and fully mucked out once a week. This time and cost effective system is a winner for busy owners and also helps to create a thick compacted base for insulation and comfort. 
  • The Natural Nedz formula helps to reduce potentially harmful ammonia levels, so even when used for deep littering, Nedz Pro still offers the ideal environment to protect horses from respiratory issues while delivering big bed benefits.