Anya Cooper - rounding up the year

We catch up with Junior Ambassador Anya Cooper who rounds up her busy year, which has seen a lot of change, including a new partnership!

We are now approaching the end of a busy year for me and my horses. After surviving the testing exam season we were sadly faced with the very emotional decision to let JJ go onto his next home where I know he will give his owners just as much fun as he gave me in the last 4 years! After feeling very lost without a horse for a week, Hugo joined us! Having been on the show circuit with his previous owners I hope to bring him up the levels in dressage and so far he’s been an absolute star!

We then took a trip to Aintree at the beginning of the month where he smashed his first ever time inside the whiteboards for a very respectable 68%

 After all the excitement of his first outing as a dressage diva last weekend, we took the horses to our trainers yard down in Warwickshire for a weekend of ‘bootcamp’. Hugo tried his heart out all weekend and we came home with lots of homework to do over the winter 

I am very excited to see what next year brings for Hugo and I am forever grateful for Nedz’s continued support throughout this year

Anya x