Anya Cooper - All dressed up but with nowhere to go!

After what feels like forever, I finally got my competition clothes back on! It made me realise how much I have missed going out and competing! Hopefully it won’t be too long until we can all get back out doing what we love.

In Lockdown I have been focusing a lot on Hugo’s training at home so we’re ready to get back out as soon as competitions are back up and running. I have been trying to vary his schooling sessions by incorporating poles into his work as well as giving him days where he can stretch and work long and low. I have also been trying to hack at least once a week to keep his fitness up and to keep him happy and enjoying his work.


Since the weather has been so nice these past few weeks, he has also been able to get out in the field most days. Even this lovely weather can have its downfalls as some beddings have the tendency to sometimes go a bit dusty and then posing a risk to horses developing respiratory issues. However, due to Nedz being specially dust extracted and treated this does not happen. So, with the combination of a varied work routine and fabulous bedding, Hugo has been keeping very happy and healthy during lockdown!

Thank you to Nedz for their continued support as always, I am extremely grateful

Anya x