Another busy month passes for team Croxford

Steph keeps us up to speed with the happenings at team Croxford!

“We have qualified for the dressage to music regionals with Mr Hyde - having only gone through the test with music twice there were some hairy moments,” Steph admits! “I couldn't remember whether I was supposed to do two half ten meter circles after my shoulder in or just go straight across the diagonal - Simon said I went straight but I was convinced it was two half tens. In the test I started my half ten and thought 'oh no - my trot music is about to finish’ and before I knew it I was walking and needed to get to the other end of the arena... quick! We still managed to get 69.8% but next time I think we will have a few more practices before going out! We have now qualified Clyde for medium, advanced medium and music advanced medium at the regionals - the aim is to get him seeing as much as possible so he can try and get more relaxed in the test situations.”

“Ancy, the mare, has been up and running for about 4 weeks and is coming on really well,” Steph tells us. “She is one of those horses that naturally works in an outline and even when we had our first canter she stayed round and balanced, I think she would make a fabulous para horse. The idea with her is for a young lad who helps me, Adam, to compete her at novice restricted after Christmas and try and qualify her for the regionals then I will start getting her ready with the aim to do Medium at the back end of next year. She has such a genuine attitude though I have to stop myself from doing too much with her as she is so willing to please!”

“The babies, Bonnie and George, are now out together and Bonnie is definitely the boss,” Steph explains. “They are like chalk and cheese! Bonnie is very elegant and dressage pretty - while George is a powerhouse. He is luckily getting quieter since he had his little op a few months ago!”

“We have had a bit of a drama with Rimmer (Mr P) unfortunately,” Steph goes on to say. “He was going really well but last Monday we went to his stable and he was soaking wet with sweat - we worried it could be colic but he didn't seem to be unsettled, so we tacked him up to take him for a little walk and he could hardly move. At first we thought it was Azoturia and the vet said to keep an eye on him for a few days and only give him hay, after a couple of days though his leg blew up around 4 times its normal size and after a vet visit it turned out to be lymphangitis. He is still on antibiotics now but no painkillers, so is starting to have little walks out, fingers crossed we can keep it under control but it is another set back we didn’t need!”

“Barney the youngster is in the early stages of being backed,” she says. “There always seems to be something in the way - gale force winds, lashing rain or they decide to dig up the road! We like to get them out hacking as soon as possible so hopefully one of these days the elements will be in our favour and he can start his education outside!”

“We have a photo shoot with Your Horse tomorrow to shoot some exercises with Ancy and Clyde and we are off to Olympia to judge the Riding Club Quadrille towards the end of the month,” Steph finishes by saying. “It will be very odd to be there without a horse. We are looking forward to hopefully having our full string of horses in action next year so watch this space!”