Angela Leigh

"I have been using Nedz Advance now for about a month. The product I was previously using used to be delivered but the supplier stopped providing bedding and although I was happy with the product I began looking around for other pellets. I came across Nedz and as I'm very heavy handed when it comes to watering pellets I thought I would try Nedz Advance. I like that the pellets broke down easily without water, gave lots of volume to the bed, was straw not wood and very absorbent. I use rubber matting but still like a decent bed for my boy Wyley to lie down on as he is a Thoroughbred and can be so precious! As it stands i have NO complaints! It is easy peasy to muck out daily, only one wet spot to take out, there is no smell to contend with, lots of depth adding and I only need to add one bag a week and it still stays cosy, so I am very happy!"