An update from Steph

We catch up with Nedz sponsored rider Steph Croxford to find out how she has got on over the past month...

"After a lovelly Easter - which involved lots of easter egg hunts with the kids, I was off to Keysoe Premier League with Mr Hyde. We did the Inter 1 and scored 68% which I was pleased with and then annoyingly they ran the Inter 2 in the middle arena which was right in front of the cafe where everyone and their dog was out! Needless to say Clyde had a bit of a meltdown so it wasn't the most relaxing test!"

"In addition, during my test they also had an arena walk going on in the next arena which also added to the fun! He still came away with 66.5% and a 5th placing and I was pleased that despite all the chaos he dis stay with me and didn't throw the teddy out of the pram! Next stop is Vale View where Mr P will be dusting off his shoes and coming out for a play at Grand Prix! We will then be heading to Addington Premier League to do the PSG and Inter 2. I am aiming to get Clyde out to do his first proper Grand Prix at Sheepgate as he will then be able to start collecting points - up until now I have gone HC because if I get points at Grand Prix level I can't qualify for PSG and Inter 1!"