An update from Steph Croxford

"Apart from the horses, including the newest arrival George – who we still don’t know what colour he is going to be – we also now have 8 Miniature Schnauzer puppies in our house," Steph tells us. "This is the second litter that Tinker has had and this time they just kept on coming!"

"Captain Mac has come home from being backed and I can safely say that he is very sharp! I thought it would take two weeks for him to be backed but he came back after four! I am leaving Simon to deal with him at the moment – I have had enough deckings from Clyde so it is his turn now!"

"Speaking of Clyde, he has had a busy month. We went to Beaver Hall in a howling gale and decided to retire and write off that day! He has just been to Solihull to do another Advanced Medium and scored a respectable 65% - annoyingly though it has left us 1 point off of qualifying for the regionals so I have got to go out again this month! He is also off to do another 6 year old class at Kingswood this Friday (3rd June) so fingers crossed he behaves himself!"

"Mr P is still chilling out in his coral, enjoying life! His leg seems to be on the right tracks but I am giving it a lot of time and won’t start working him until it is 100%. We will have missed the major shows now anyway so I think that he can have as long as he needs to recover totally to give him the best chance."