An unscheduled dismount for Steph leads to a few changed plans this month

To say that the month hasn't gone quite to plan for Steph Croxford is perhaps a little bit of an understatement! Last month we left off with her excitedly planning to take Mr P for his first Grand Prix following his injury, however when we caught up to her the chain of events that took place were not quite as planned!

"Unfortunately I took a bit of an unscheduled dismount off Mr Hyde," Steph admits to us straight away. "It was completely my fault because I was posing in front of the mirrors to check if my flying changes were straight, but I didn't expect to spend my weekend in a spinal unit at the hospital! It was one of those freak accidents, he went one way and I went the other and I landed on the base of my back on the left side. At first was worried about my head because I felt a bit sick, but by the time Simon came down to the school (about half a kilometre from the house) I was on my feet and trying to console Clyde who was a bit shaken up himself. I decided not to get back on at that point and Simon took him for a hack and normal duties continued for the day, we went out to lunch and Sue (Carson) came to check my saddle so I rode again later that day."

"By the evening I realised something was not quite right so just called NHS direct to run it past them, I was sitting with a glass of wine so just expected a call back at some point to put my mind at rest," Steph admits. "Half an hour later an ambulance turned up and asked where the patient was, I said here, and they said it can't be - how can you walk? So I was bundled on to a spinal board and taken to A and E, X-rayed within half an hour (despite it being a busy Saturday evening) and then transferred for an emergency MRI scan which took place at 4am in the morning in Nottingham!" 

"Because my left bum cheek and side was numb they were worried that I had broken a disc, which could have lead on to severing the nerves, so I wasn't allowed to drink or eat in case they had to operate. Luckily it wasn't the case. Eventually I escaped and am on the mend, I have been back riding but I have to admit to feeling a little nervous the first couple of times I got back in the saddle! Moral of the story... make sure you prepare your horse and don't pose for the mirrors!"

"So, Mr P was very put out that he never made it to his party at Myerscough, we are now planning to do the Somerford Park and Sheepgate Premier League shows and some local pick your own tests just to give him a run through. Mr Hyde went out last week to do his first Advanced 100 and scored 63.78% which was not a total disgrace and he is going out again once more before the Nationals later on in this month! Hopefully we won't have any more hiccups along the way!"