Amyanne from the Isle of Man

“I have been using Nedz Pro and Nedz Advance for over six years now. I own five large horses and one of them suffers from a respiratory problem that necessitated a trip to hospital and an operation. I had struggled for a long time to find a bedding solution that was absorbent, did not move around the stable and did not smell."

"The major part of the beds and banks are made up of Pro. I find the Pro makes beautiful deep, stable banks and brings a fresh smell to the stable. I add a bag of Advance once every two weeks to help with absorbency and this also assists in binding the bed together for the boys that role around in the night. Mucking out is hard work and again this combination is quick and easy to manage.  Most of all, when I finish up and I look at my beds, I have a great sense of satisfaction that I have given my horses the best. Thank you Nedz.”