A new addition to the Croxford family, Mr P misbehaving and success for Clyde

At the Croxford residence this month you will hear the pitter patter of tiny hooves! On St George's day, Ancy had her foal and he has been named.... George! "He is a big foal and doesn't know what to do with his legs yet," Steph tells us. "He has four white socks and a lovely big blaze - however I am not sure what colour he is going to be, he is currently a kind of beige/dun colour! He has decided that grazing normally is too much effort because his legs are so long so lying down is the easiest option. It was a very easy foaling - I went out to check her at 10.30 and thought she looked a bit sweaty and by 11.15 it was all done and dusted! 11.45 he was standing up and about an hour later he was feeding!"

"Clyde has now been out and done his first Advanced Medium at Beaver Hall and won! As with him though it was back down to reality and when we took him out on Saturday he was not at his best! He made up for it on Bank Holiday Monday though at Sheepgate in the Young Horse classes despite the gale force winds, so we have qualified for the 6 Year Old Young Dressage Class at Hickstead. Having to ride the test in a snaffle proved to be a bit of a challenge but I think being tired from competing on the saturday, being schooled on the sunday and then a three hour journey to Sheepgate took the edge off him!"

"Captain Mac is now in the midst of his early training with a local show jumper - it sounds like he is being a little tricky so I'm quite glad that its not me doing it! Mr P meanwhile is being a horrendous patient! A freak accident the other day when a stone wall fell down and nearly crushed Annabel, meant that he decided to jump Simon (who had Ben on his back at the time), then jump the gate and gallop around in the garden! Thankfully everyone was OK and he doesn't seem to have done any further damage to his leg! He is now totally sound but there is still some swelling but he cannot understand why he is not allowed to do anything! You can see him begging for it to be him that is washed and groomed to be taken for a show, whilst Clyde just thinks, not me again!"