A good harvest means top quality, readily available supplies from Nedz!

After last year’s bedding crisis – many companies were unable to supply customers for the whole winter leading to panic and price increases. Nedz were one of the few manufacturers able to retain their supply to existing customers in order to keep everyone ‘bedded up’ for the whole winter season. After a successful harvest in 2009 – Nedz have secured enough top quality raw materials to ensure both existing and new customers will have a consistent supply of all three products, Nedz Original, Nedz Pro and Nedz Advance.

In addition to this, customers can be sure they will be getting top quality products to provide their horses with safe and virtually dust free environments. Before raw material is even unloaded from our carefully selected suppliers it is checked for quality and rejected if it doesn’t meet the Nedz standards. Once it has met approval it is probed for moisture content to prevent damp bales from being produced, before being filtered to remove any unwanted debris. It is then chopped and dust extracted before the Natural Nedz formula is added. At each phase of the manufacturing process the product is checked for quality purposes and only when our plant technicians are happy with the end result is the final product baled and stacked on a pallet ready for the retailer.

Nedz have spent many years manufacturing chopped straw products and have carefully researched and developed this process to ensure only the best products leave the Nedz plant. Using Nedz products offers customers peace of mind that their horses are sleeping safely in their beds at night.